Mid Century Modern

Every so often I come across a project that I would love to work on, this is one. I have a passion for bringing older homes back to life. This home was purchased by a mother and daughter with the intention of sectioning off one part of the home for the mother’s private apartment.

This house sits within acreage, amongst natural vegetation, in the beautiful town of Macedon. It is a contemporary double brick home with flat roof, beam structured ceiling and large windows on the southern side of the house.

The brief included transforming the existing dwelling into two self-contained homes. Extensive remodelling of the main residential area was undertaken for the master bedroom, kitchen and family room. A new laundry, toilet and study were added, while a section of a wall was removed to allow light to enter the rear of the house. In the newly created residential area for the mother a new kitchen and dining area, updated the batch room and an additional entry to the exterior of the home have been provided.
The owner sought to update the interior of the building, while keeping the integrity of its original design. You can see the vision I had for the home from the render below. The render presents the design for the kitchen and family room area within the main residential area. It shows how the removal of a wall has provided a spacious family room and allowed access to the back of the house. A short, slatted panel has used to partition part of the family room from new building access into the toilet and laundry.

Full-height cupboards have been placed along the brick wall dividing the kitchen and lounge. In the original design there was a small opening in this divide wall. Rather than closing up this opening it has been utilised in the design by placing a glass door cabinet, with wine rack in lower part, aligning with the other cabinetry along the wall. A rear glass door has been installed into the opening allowing access from the lounge as well as the kitchen.

The design incorporates plenty of storage space, wide benches and a wet zone island bench incorporating the dishwasher and sink. In keeping with the design of the ceiling beam structure an Induction hotplate with integrated extractor has been provided.

I know that many of you have spent a lot of time in your home recently and maybe you have found that it no longer meets your needs. Covid-19 has thrown many challenges your way in how you have had to live, work, study, home school and play within the one environment. If you would like to begin to explore possibilities, contact me to arrange a Get Acquainted Call on mobile 0432 821 004 or email jannine@capstonestudio.com.au

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